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Increase Your Allowable Deductions

Done Right Taxes is a division of Farrar Financial Group where we maximize your tax refund, increase your eligible deductions and find tax solutions for all. From the self-employed individual to the small business owner we legitimately prepare your taxes.


Make Sure Your Taxes are Done Right

We are all about helping individuals and small businesses receive the proper tax services. We are focused on making sure you have all the vital tools you need to have a successful tax year. At FFG we take pride in giving you a peace of mind in making sure your taxes are DONE RIGHT!


Our Trained Tax Therapist Will Help

Our tax professionals are trained and are up to date on current tax laws. If you are an existing credit service member we would like for you to stay in house where your personal information is already secure and we understand your personal finances.


We Can Take Care of Bookkeeping

Managing the financial records for your company is important to help the internal and external stakeholders make essential business decisions. Farrar Financial Group, INC. would like to help you take on such a big responsibility by ensuring that you keep accurate records to produce financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, expense reports, and more! We want to focus on helping you grow your business.

Your Taxes Done Right

Are you stressed every tax season? If you feel overwhelmed gathering your tax information and documents, you need Tax Therapy©, brought to you by Done Right Taxes © to produce high-yielding, effective results. At Done Right Taxes ©, we have a well-rounded set of skills and industry experience that we use to find tax advantages that ease your financial and emotional stress. Every tax season, we deliver a clear and realistic plan to legally and effectively minimize your tax obligations so you can pay less in taxes and keep more of your income.


Our Tax Therapy© will help diagnose and treat your financial and tax problems, as well as talk through yearly difficulties that you may have as an single individual, couple, entrepreneur, or freelancer. Done Right Taxes, Tax Therapy can be conducted via digital formats (email, FaceTime, other video-conference methods), phone, or in person. 


Tax Therapy to Reduce Stress

Tax Therapy© will Relax you because we find tax breaks. As your Tax Therapist, we build a tax reduction plan. Many of our existing customers elect to utilize many of our other financial service for a seamless transition into tax preparation. Many other tax offices only communicate with clients during tax season, however we offer a wide array of financial services to keep you aligned throughout the year, which helps avoid any sudden issues at tax time.


Done Right Taxes© Therapist are equipped are equipped to lower your taxes. For example here are several of the ways our tax therapy program will lower your taxable income.

  • Current and legal tax strategies to maximize your return

  • Finding tax write-off expenses

  • Head-of-Household tax deductions

  • Entrepreneur, individual contractor, and freelancer tax planning

  • Other strategies to lower tax bracket

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