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We Are Committed to Helping You Start on Your Journey to Debt Recovery.

Here at Farrar Financial Group at the Financial Health Center, we strive for debt excellence, meaning a well balanced debt to income ratio, which always may not mean "debt free" . Our debt recovery approach is holistic: we provide well-rounded care to treat the whole person—not just bad credit habits and addiction. 

Treatment doesn’t end when you finish your debt recovery program—recovery is a lifelong process. That’s why we’ve created seminars, social media groups, webinars and newsletters, so you can find support and friends in recovery no matter how you live, lifestyle or where you go in life.

Today is a new day. Take control of your debt and believe that debt recovery is real and achievable.  If you have questions about how our debt recovery programs works, what your patient options are, or what the intake process is like, we can answer your questions. Let us help you find a debt treatment plan so you can life life with "true freedom."



We Have a Unique Debt Rehab Program

You are Not Alone, We Have Help Hundreds of People Just Like You

  • Lower your interest rates

  • Reduce monthly payments

  • Eliminate fees and over-limit charges

  • Monitor your credit throughout the process

  • Eliminate harassing calls from debt collectors

  • Learn about how to consolidate credit bills into one monthly payment

  • Create a tangible budget and financial plan you can follow

What is a Debt Rehab?

DEBT REHAB is a carefully constructed program that evaluates your credit card use and other debts, so that we can create a debt recovery plan to get you out of "unbalanced debt." Borrowers in a debt in our DEBT REHAB program agree to stop or dramatically reduce credit card use, for the result of lowering interest rates, reducing debt and more affordable monthly payments. We help you create a realistic time line to pay off debt faster. 

Feature of our Debt Rehab

  • Our treatment plan is specially customize to fit your household, income, and expenses

  • Average time in debt rehab varies per participant and your dedication to the program

  • Pay off your debt in in less time with the special Farrar Financial Group DEBT REHAB program

Debt Rehab: How to Get Start?

FFG's  DEBT REHAB program is customized to your situation.

In order to qualify, you must first complete a credit counseling session. You can do online credit counseling or call us.  Whether online or on the phone, a counseling session should take 25-60 minutes. Here’s what to expect.

  1. We'll help you identify the root cause of your debt.

  2. Together, we'll complete a budget plan.

  3. We’ll pull your credit report to analyze your balances and monthly payment options.

  4. You will receive educated recommendations based on your debt to income ratio.

  5. Complete the introduction application and any program fee and you are enrolled immediately.

  6. You will be equipped with free and paid seminars, newsletters, and educational videos.

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