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Credit Clinic

Here at the Farrar Financial Group, Inc., our Credit Clinic is where your credit score can be receive special treatment.   We want each our clients to understand the importance of being credit healthy.  With years of experience and industry knowledge, we assist our clients with qualifying for financing opportunities. 

Tax Therapy

Our Tax Therapy© will help diagnose and treat your financial and tax problems, as well as talk through yearly difficulties that you may have as an single individual, couple, entrepreneur, or freelancer. Start our Tax Therapy Program and learn how we can prepare your finances and budget for the tax season

Debt Rehab Center

Here at Farrar Financial Group at the Financial Health Center, we strive for debt excellence, meaning a well-balanced debt-to income ratio, which always may not mean "debt free." Our debt recovery approach is holistic: we provide well-rounded care to treat the whole person—not just bad credit habits and addiction. 


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"Your Pandemic Financial Survival Kit" is a self-help tool during these hard economic times. Farrar Financial Group has formulated this book to guide you through budgeting, financial balancing and managing your credit in this all-in-one e-book.

It is now available for a limited time only for $9.95, instead of $19.95!

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Budget Boot Camp



June 12, 2020 @ 7:00pm (est)


Get intensive information on how to better manage your finances, boost your credit score and staying on budget.

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Taking care of your total health

Budget Health

What is the foundation to a healthy financial lifestyle and future? The answer is having a budget/spending plan. You have to know where is you funds are being used. Money is a tool and we have to know how to effectively use it. We invite you to allow us to provide a step by step process to creating and maintaining a strong and realistic budget.

Physical Therapy

Health is wealth. We not only assist with making sure you are financially fit we provide products that promote physical wellness. We have a variety of options that is guaranteed to meet your need. Farrar Financial Group believes in creating a balance lifestyle for all our clients and living longer is part of the program. Let’s win together!!

Credit Cancer

Credit Cancer is a debt illness for those on financial life support. This plan is for people who are in a financial crisis.  All areas of their Financial life are in jeopardy.  We will provide aggressive strategies, budgeting, financial counseling and possible debt consolidation.

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